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Does your dog pull while you go for a walk with him? If Yes, then this product gonna help you a lot. Well- sewed ‘ALL IN ONE NO PULL DOG HARNESS‘ is ideal for those who tug pretty hard on the leash.

Most of the people consider traditional collar perfect for their furry family member. But before you decide, you must know that collars create discomfort when dogs pull as a means of training. It’s fine only for those claiming no respiratory issues and aren’t prone to pulling. On the contrary, dogs who have a habit of pulling hard, it leads to high possibilities of injuries.

Especially for delicate toy breeds, using harness brings more benefits. Just because it wraps around their neck area and they lack that strength needed to handle a collar. Also, the collar is more likely to interfere with their breathing system as they have a small size of the windpipe.

Being able to provide them with all the joys of walking, the no-pull harness has become a trending tool for pets. By causing less or no restriction, it is good for Breeds like Pugs and French Bulldogs in which breathing issues are common.


Buying the dog harness will provide you with the following benefits:

  • It fits perfectly to various dogs like the English bulldog, Pug, Aussie, DaschundShiba Inu, Border Collie, Doodle, Golden retriever, Russell, Jack Russell, Corgi, etc.
  • Works as an effective training tool, especially for puppies. They teach them not to pull as the pressure from a harness is more evenly distributed around their body.
  • Just like a game-changer for strong pulling dogs, it helps you control them better. Fewer chances are there for dogs to be tangled up in the leash accidentally.
  • Providing them with enough safety, it avoids any kind of neck, spine and windpipe injuries.
  • There exists a heavy-duty stitched handle for stronger grip and d- rings for control and strength.
  • Reflective straps give extra safety to pets at night. It ensures their visibility in the darker area thus making your walk more relaxing. Can be used for running, hiking, training, hunting and more.
  • Easy to put on and take off, it has an adjustable chest strap that allows pets to move their body parts. It offers a customized fit and doesn’t affect its growth.
  • Long-lasting, the harness has a soft inner pad to absorb sweat.

Sizing Instructions :


Size Chest Weight
Small 18″ – 20″ 10lb – 19lb
Medium 20″ – 24″ 19lb – 40lb
Large 25″ – 30″ 40lb – 60lb
X-Large 28″ – 36″ 60lb – 80lb


Question: I have a small dog just 4 months old. Is it safe to use a harness for him?

Answer: It is absolutely safe and comfortable for small breeds. We don’t comprise with quality at any cost. Go with Back-attaching harnesses as small dogs are more sensitive to pressure and using front-attaching harness could be painful.

Question: My dog has a habit of chewing things if he does the same with the harness. What to do??

Answer: Don’t worry about that. Minimizes Pulling and choking, they can’t bite it.

Question: Does it affect the pet’s growth in any way?

Answer: No. The product has been designed in accordance with the body structure of dogs. Adjust the belt to fit them well without thinking that it would hinder their growth.

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