Hydro Jet High Pressure Power Washer


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Searching for ways that could lessen your burden to unsettle stubborn stains or dirt deposits. If yes, place an order and get ” Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Washer“. This Sprayer has a built-in nozzle aimed to provide effortless cleaning.

Unlike conventional methods, it doesn’t require much time, energy and elbow grease. Affix a water hose to pressure washer unit and say ‘Good Bye’ to those unwelcomed stains.

It becomes more advantageous when you can save your hard-earned money. With less use of water and electricity, turn a regular garden hose into a strong jet pressure washer and feel the difference. Let’s see how it is:

Benefits :

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion, the power washer can withstand pressure. Fewer chances are there for its cracking and deforming.
  • No electricity, no power, it works only with the domestic water pressure. If your water hose has a quick connection, washer wands can be attached to it.
  • An ideal way to clean dirty sidewalks, cars, trucks, boats, outside windows and plant watering, etc.
  • It’s all safe to clean surfaces like wood, brick, concrete, plastic, glass, etc.
  • Supreme quality, sturdy handle, and convenient to use. It easily fits all ¾ standard garden hoses.
  • It carries less weight. Fine quality and robust material have been used, Capable to serve you for a long period.
  • The flexible hose can be bent to any angle. This way, you can clean places without doing much effort and bending over.
  • The hydro-jet cleaning tool consists of two shapes of brass nozzles. As per your requirement, you can switch between fan-shaped and jet shaped nozzles.
  • It can be used at the time of car washing or to scrub furniture like wooden tables, glass windows for better results. Using it will not strip your car paint.
  • The leakproof design makes it more appropriate for cleaning, washing and gardening purposes.
               Result After Using Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Washer

Product Details :

  • Colour: Blue Handle
  • Length: 46.5cm/18.31″
  • Material: Aluminum alloy(tube) + Brass (ball ) + Handle(TPR)
             Car Cleaning with Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Washer

Package Details :

  • 1* Hydro Jet High Power Washer Wand

FAQ : 

Question: Tell me, is the pressure adjustable?

Answer: The pressure of a magic hydro washer depends mainly on the existing domestic water pressure. You can only increase it to some limit using the wand.

Question: Do we need to press down on a lever or just turn on the spray nozzle dial?

Answer: Well, the Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Washer consists of a lever that helps you On / Off the stream. Doing so, it’s all set to fulfil your purpose.

Question: Explain the working of high-Pressure Power Washer works in brief.

Answer: Simply by Connecting the power washer to your water hose, it’s ready to work. Depending on the water pressure in your water system, the washer wand boosts that pressure to some extent and helps in removing dust. It is all in one solution for all types of dirty surfaces.

Question: Can I use it for washing outside windows on the 4th floor?

Answer: No. Good to use up to the first floor.

Question: Does this car cleaning tool need the power to run?

Answer: No. Just you need is domestic water pressure for cleaning.

Question: What about the quality of the hydro jet washer?

Answer: Stop worrying about that. It is made with rust-proof and corrosion-resistant material.

Question: What should I do to control the water pressure?

Answer: Use the valve on the side of the power washer wand to adjust the pressure level.

Question: I use it for washing my car, is it safe?

Answer: Yes, Our product has gone through extensive quality checks that ensure complete safety of the user’s expensive items. Don’t worry,  it won’t strip your car’s paint or clear its coating.

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