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Still, sticking to those old-fashioned and time-consuming ways to grow grass..?? Why not switch to ultra-advance and smart products to do the same. Check out our new ‘Seed Spray Kettle‘ designed specially to restore the lawn. The pack involves sprayer, canister and liquid seeds. No need to buy seeds at your own expense.

So, there is no need to go out, create your own garden area and find a better place for leisure time.

How To Use Liquid Grass Seed Kettle


  •  It is the quickest, simplest and unique method when it comes to repairing the patchy and bare lawn.
  • The seed spreader technology is good to use for Dog Spots, High Traffic Areas and Shaded Areas.
  • Seed spray kettle is Easy to connect with any garden hose, it also shows exactly where you are planting.
  • With a single kit, you can reseed up to 100-foot square area or 200 spots.
  • You can grow grass at any place of your choice just by spraying the seeds. And they get soaked completely into the soil.
  • It performs well in all types of weather.
  • Environment-friendly and reusable product.
  • Fantastic home hydroseed system that we usually see in TV ads.
  • It takes 7-14 days when the grass starts growing and leaves behind a green and pleasing garden.
  • High-quality seeds promote the growth of different types of grass.

How To Use :

First of all, add the required amount of high-performance grass seed blend. After then, attach Spray head to the bottle and screw on tightly. Please check that the dial is in OFF position. Now, attach your garden hose and turn ON the faucet.

After using liquid grass seed spray kettle

FAQ : 

Question: Do I need to buy liquid seeds?

Answer: No, you need not buy it on your own. It comes along the spray kettle.

Question: How many days does it take to grow grass?

Answer: It doesn’t take much time. Within a few days or we can say within 7-10 days, the grass starts sprouting and is ready to see the magic.

Question: How can it help me?

Answer: Nicely-made seed spray kettle, it is quite useful. Spray seeds and grow grass anywhere and turn your lawn into a soothing and loving place. Additionally, it’s a good remedy for dog spots, high traffic and shade areas.

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