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If you love your fur friend and don’t want to lose them, give them a unique surprise and bring home Pet Carrier Pouch. It provides them with the comfort and protection that they deserve.

Usually, people find it difficult to take their pets to unknown or public places and consider leaving them alone at home as the only option. That gives birth to stress and anxiety resulting in their ill-health. Talking about the past few years, loneliness has been found as the prominent reason for most of the deaths occurred worldwide.

The pet carrier pouch is safe enough for your old and injured pets too. Unhealthy medical conditions don’t mean that their love for going on walks has ended.  It would best meet your purpose if you like hands free travelling or trips to the vet.

Benefits of Pet Carrier Pouch:

  • Super-convenient to carry pets during travelling, shopping, camping and hiking. They find themselves more relaxed and secure even at crowded and noisy places.
  • Equipped with durable PU, soft leather, mesh and breathable fabric, it offers a cosy place for pet’s stay.
  • It fits small to large-sized individual and also to all sizes & breeds of pet.
  • Having Adjustable drawstring, the dog pouch allows fresh air to reach your pet. With proper ventilation, they don’t feel too much hot.
  • The inner space is sufficient enough for pets to sit, rest and adjust the tightness.
  • With the soft padded strap and sturdy hook, the person holding the dog feels no burden on their shoulder.
  • Opens door for injured, disabled, senior pets to explore the world. They no more have to be confined to a single room.
  • Keeps your fur friend unstressed thus contributing to their good health.
  • Suitable for small pets, such as Guinea Pig, Rabbit, Cats, Miniature Pinscher, Chihuahua, Yorkshire Terrier, Pomeranian, Mini Poodle, Miniature Schnauzer, Teddy cups etc.
  • Multi-use design as it has adjustable side pockets providing space to necessary items like cash, mobile, treats or etc.
  • The tiny carrier has an attached leash to buckle the pet into it. Also, it’s very simple to get the dog in and out of the holder.
  • Just like celebrities do, give your pet a special treatment with the latest and attractive bag.
  • Best to use when it comes to newly adopted pets as it keeps them close to you.


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 Product Specification :

  • Dimension: (S)35*20*8.5 cm (Suitable for Pets Under 7 pounds)
  • (M)40*28*8.5 cm (Suitable for Pets Under 12 pounds)
  • Weight: (S) 250 gm / (M)350 gm
  • Fillable Weight: For S less than 4kg / For M less than 9kg


FAQ : 

Question: Thinking to buy dogs sling, are they safe? Please tell me.

Answer: Yes, safety becomes our topmost priority while designing pet accessories. Here, it consists of a thick interior bottom pad with durable PU and breathable fabric. The Crossbody strap decreases all erratic movement thus providing comfort to your precious cargo. Also, you will see there is collar hookup D-ring for extra protection.

Question: From where I can get carrier bag for my doggie?

Answer: Simply by accessing our store, you will find one to one best products for you fur-kid. A dog carrier is one of them. As per your requirement, place the order and it will be at your doorstep.

Question: Would this work with a cat?

Answer: Yes, of course! but the cat is not very friendly it might be hard to get your friend in the bag. Many of our clients use our bags for cats.

Question: Want to know how one can use a dog carrier?

Answer: Before you tuck your pet into the new sling, make sure they are safe. If not, and you are worried about them moving too much or trying to come out, let them wiggle a little to find a position as per their comfort level. Also, see that the sling isn’t too tight around their chest or neck area.

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