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New ‘Solar Water Fountain’ has developed to keep the water running in your fountain all day long. The pump works in an effective and surprising manner. You will see that it floats on water automatically and start pumping water as the sun shines brightly and touches its solar cells.

Features : 

  • This is fully Eco-friendly. It runs automatically and requires no battery or electricity. All you need is solar power from the sun.
  • You can take it easily to several locations.
  • No need to have any plug. It is perfect for small and multiple fountain heads for various water patterns.
  • It serves purposes like a birdbath, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, etc.
  • Another great feature is that it is easy to operate. Keep the solar panel under sunlight and with the solar power coming from the sun, it will run automatically and start pumping water.
  • The Fountain is the ideal option to enhance the beauty of your garden area.

The Package Involves:

  • 1 x Solar Pump
  • 4 x Nozzles
  • 2 x Nozzle Connector

Product Specifications :

  • Solar panel size: 16cm * 2.5cm
  • Max flow quantity of pump: 160L/h
  • Max water height: 30-60cm

Consider the given points at the time of installation:

  • Place the pump completely in the water keeping the nozzle over the water.
  • To avoid any kind of vibration, make sure that the pump is fixed firmly on the bottom of the fountain.
  • Reaching enough sunlight to the pump is a must. So keep it in an adequate position. Better would be if it faces directly towards Sun.


  • In the absence of sunlight, the water pump will not work. As the sunlight reappears, it will begin its working nearly within 3 seconds.
  • Do remember that you change the water after a regular time period. As clean water will avoid dust to get accumulated on the pump.
  • Use and protect the solar panel carefully to avoid any mishappening.

FAQ : 

Question: Does the solar panel come along with the pump?

Answer: Yes, it is included with the pump.

Question: Is the size of the pump very large, as I need a small one to fit in my fairy garden pond?

Answer: Don’t worry about that, it is small in size.

Question: In case the water gets too low, will it stop working?

Answer: Guys, if it is kept with less or no water for a long time, it will burn out if the basin is small. Avoid using any nozzles, it will not allow the water to spill out.

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