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Still, thinking that Hook removing is complicated and laborious task…??? If yes, you are ignorant about the latest technique. It is none other than our new “FISH HOOK REMOVER TOOL“. This dedicated and prudently-made tool helps cut the hook stuck with fish and remove them without hurting your fingers.

Unlike those traditional pliers where safety is not promised at all, it gives 100% protection during releasing hooks. By fastening the unhooking process, it saves your time as compared to when done using your hands. It is a relatively simple and low priced tool.

Pro and the amateur angler must check out this device to make fishing a great experience.


Benefits of Fish Hook Remover Tool:

  • Safe to use, it has an ergonomic plastic handle that fits your palm and minimizes injury.
  • The product works best when used with a single hand.
  • T-Shape unhooking tool helps you catch fishes with sharp teeth like trout, snapper and catfish in an easy and secure way.
  • For presbyopia fisherman or in case, your fingers are frozen when ice fishing, it proves to be best.
  • Highly portable, it can be taken to outer fishing trips.
  • The fish hook remover helps to get troublesome hooks out like gut hook. Good thing is that it removes even the deep embedded hooks without causing any harm to fishes.
  • It won’t be lost or drop if attached to your vest.
  • Convenient to store and long-lasting device.
  • Works well in both fresh & saltwater. Anodized Aluminum ensures corrosion resistance to saltwater.
  • The plastic handle provides a comfortable grip.
  • A good idea when presented to others on special occasions.


Usage of Fish Hook Remover Tool

Product Specifications :

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: S & L
  • Weight: S-60gm/2.1oz
  • Weight: L-80gm/2.8oz
  • Length : S-17.5cm/6.8 inches         
  • Length: L-24.5cm/9.6 inches

Package Include:

  • 1 * Fish Hook Remover Tool


Question: I use traditional pliers for hook removal. How it is better than that?

Answer: It is much advanced and smart tool. Without any fear of fish bites, you can enjoy the fun of angling. Innovative design, well-made, easiest, cheapest and quickest way to remove fish hooks.

Question: I am afraid of catching large fishes with sharp teeth. Will it help me?

Answer: Definitely, it will. The hook out tool has been designed to save your fingers from unwanted wounds /injuries. Very easily, you can remove the hook from large fishes without entering your hand in their mouth.

Question: Is the material used is of good quality?

Answer: Please don’t worry about the product’s quality. The ergonomic handle fits properly to the user’s palm and offers a comfortable and natural grip. It lowers the chances of getting hurt during the unhooking process. Also, the use of Anodized Aluminum makes it corrosion resistant to saltwater. You can enjoy its benefits for a longer period.

Question: How to use Fish hook removal?

Answer: Its usage is simple. First, make one end of hook separator ready to unhook the hook. Hold the fishing line tightly as it will make the process easy for you. To hook the fishing line, use the other end of the groove. After this, try to slip down the hooked groove along the line and Continue doing until the slot reaches the hook’s bottom. There will be a sound when the disgorger catches the hook and pull it to take out the hook from fish’s mouth.

Question: Is the fish hook removal durable?

Answer: Absolutely, it has been designed to serve you for a longer period.

Question: Does it work with treble hooks?

Answer:  Yes, it works very well with treble hooks.

Question: Can I use this tool during sea fishing?

Answer: Yes, of course. Formed with aluminium alloy it is corrosion resistant and perfect to use against saltwater.

🚚 Estimated delivery time 10 – 21 days

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