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Enjoy watermelon this summer with this latest, modish and beautifully designed ‘Watermelon Slicer’. Forget those old ways knife to cut melon. Try this slicer made from top quality stainless steel, BPA Free silicone and feel the difference.

Steps To Use:

With this cutter, it has become too easy to serve watermelon to family and friends. All you need to do is push the slicer into a halved watermelon. Then you will see that its automatic cutter blade helps cube-shaped melon pieces to come out. After this, just extract the slicer out.

Watermelon Slicer

Key Benefits:

  • Watermelon cutter helps you saving your precious time. Surprisingly, you can prepare melon salad within a minute.
  • It is a very convenient and handy device to use.
  • The automatic cutter blades give perfect cubes of watermelon that looks so presentable while serving to others. There is also a melon baller to get ball-shaped pieces.
  • The juice won’t spread out thus allowing your hands and counter to remain clean and dry.
  • The slicer is small in size and easy to carry while hanging out with friends or during other outdoor activities.
  • No risk of accidents. Completely safe for you as well as your kids.
  • You can enjoy eating the healthy and delicious watermelon instantly and effortlessly.
  • In just a single step, melon cubes are ready to serve.
  • Also, cleaning the cutter is not at all difficult.
  • Anytime you can use this tool.
  • The unique design and way of working promises easy cutting of melon compared to those traditional cut.
  • It cuts melon in a smooth way thus reducing its wastage.
  • It is able to make four melon cubes in one go.


Question: I fear if slicer injures my hand?

Answer: Don’t worry about any injury or accident. Its round edges and non-sharped blades make it safe for daily use.

Question: Can I only cut cube-shaped pieces of watermelon?

Answer: No, there comes three tools namely melon baller, square cube cutter slicer and a blade knife cutter for different shapes. Use the one as per your need.

Question: Is it easy to wash melon slicer?

Answer: Sure. After every use, you should wash it and it’s very easy to do so.

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